The website uses cookies, which are files sent to your browser from a web server in order to provide the user with faster access to web pages. These files are associated exclusively with a single user and the device they access the site from. Moreover, these cookies help customise the site navigation.

The user can configure its browser to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by, without the user being denied access to content. However, we state that the performance of the website might not be as optimal as an experience compared with a user who accepts cookies.

The cookies are categorized according to their permanence in 2 types, session (disappear when the user closes the browser) and permanent (need to remove manually and used, for example, to keep a user identified.)

Type and operation:

– Cookie yield: This type serves to remember your preferences when you revisit the site, for example to keep booking dates in the search.

– Cookie registration: To measure and analyse user navigation on the Website. These cookies allow us to track and analyse the behaviour of the users on our site. They are totally anonymous.

– Advertising Cookies: We use cookies to show advertising on other websites. This form of advertising is called “retargeting” and is mainly based on the destinations sought out or accommodation that you have previously consulted.


Cookies Types.

Required: For online reservations, registration details, user sessions

For, this allows us to manage and maintain your session with us to an optimum level, as well as customizing your navigation and load balancing you experience.


Name of company: (Provider of cookie) Google

Function: Google Analytics:

To improve our service to our users by tracking and displaying and frequency, number and frequency of visits, time spent browsing, searches performed, links accessed, type of browser used, service operator, and location linked to the IP address.


Measure and analyse user navigation, tracking and analysis of user behavior, profiling anonymous user navigation, improvements based on the analysis of user data usage.

How to disable the Cookies:

Modern browsers allow you to change the configuration of Cookies. These adjustments are usually in the ‘ Options ‘ or ‘Preferences ‘ menu of your browser. To withdraw your consent, the user can disable cookies by modifying their browser settings.

Below are the steps to follow in the most used Web browsers:


Internet Explorer: Tools – > Internet Options – > Privacy – > Settings.


Firefox: Tools – > Options – > Privacy – > History – > Custom Settings.


Chrome: Settings -> Show Advanced Options – > Privacy – > Content Settings.


Safari: Preferences – > Security.